1.The society shall be called the Java Sparrow Society UK, (JSSUK)
2.The aim of the society is to encourage the keeping,breeding,exhibition,study,research and preservation of all Java Sparrows (Lonchura oryzivora), including the Timor Sparrow (Lonchura Fuscata) in aviculture and thiere conservation in the wild.
3.The societys finacial year shall begin on 1st December and end on the 30th November annually.
4.There will be a annual general meeting (AGM) of the society. This will be held before the 31st may each year and shall be open to fully paid up members of the society for the current year.
5. JSSUK members may put forward proposals for consideration at committee meetings in writing to the secretary
6. All such proposals must be signed and show the official JSSUK numbers of the proposer and seconder.
a. Any such proposal shall be published in the next available JSSUK newsletter/magazine allowing sufficient time for other JSSUK members to debate the issue raised before the next committee meeting.
b. Only fully paid up members are eligible to submit proposals or vote on society matters
7. The officers of the JSSUK shall be elected at each AGM to serve until the following AGM and shall comprise of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Show Secretary, Treasurer and committee members
8. The Vice-Chairman will not automatically become Chairman elect.
9. Two auditors shall be appointed at each AGM for the current year and no JSSUK officer or committee member shall act as auditor
10. Should any member of the committee resign, be unable to serve or fail to attend two consecutive committee meetings they shall be deemed to be no longer on the committee.
11. The Chairman with the majority approval of the committee may dismiss or suspend any JSSUK official or member. The person has the right to appeal in accordance with rule 17a
12. All items debated at the committee meetings will be voted on by all JSSUK members present at the meeting.
13. Any AGM may elect a President of the society who shall hold such a position until resignation or cancellation at a subsequent AGM. The President shall be an ex-official member of the committee and may attend and vote at any committee meeting
14. The funds of the society shall be banked in the name of the Java Sparrow Society UK (JSSUK). Cheques and any other payments will be signed by the Treasurer and the chairman or one other committee member. The Treasurer shall keep such records and produce such financial reports as the committee may direct from to time, and the audited accounts of the society shall be published annually to all members in the JSSUK newsletter/magazine no later than the end of April
15.  Subscriptions shall run from when a member joined ie 23rd april to 23rd april the following year and shall be reviewed by the committee on a annual basis
16. Junior members are those who are under 16 years of age at the time of joining the society or renewing membership for that year. Once 16th birthday has been reached the next full year of membership will be at the relevant adult rate
17. No member may use the name of the society or its emblems or any matter issued by the society, whether copyright be claimed by the society or otherwise without prior written authority of the committee. Should any member be proven in the opinion of the committee to have acted prejudicially in the interest or reputation of the society such a member may be suspended from membership for as long as the committee may deem fitting, or may be expelled from the society and legal or other action shall thereby lie. Such a proposal requires two-thirds majority of those present and voting. a. If any member so suspended or expelled is aggrieved by such a decision the member may give written notice of appeal to the Chairman within 21 days of receipt of the notice of suspension or expulsion. The appeal shall be held at the next committee meeting and voting at the meeting shall be by two-thirds majority vote to confirm or set aside or modify the decision of the committee
18. All official correspondence and documentation shall be dated and source indicated
19. The committee whose decision shall be final shall decide anything appertaining to the society and its affairs not specifically covered by these rules. No alterations to these rules may be made other than by a motion properly raised at a committee or AGM in accordance with rule 5 which shall vote be no less than two-thirds majority to change a rule or to implement a new rule.

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