I’m just writing a quick report on my breeding results last year, about my attempts at colony breeding Javas in an outsideflight, and one pair per cage breeding in my birdroom. I just wondered has anyone else had the same results or was it a“one off?".

I paired up 4 pairs of Javas in my shed early February one pair per cage and left them together until the middle of March. There were 3 pairs of Normals and 1 pair of Fawns.On about 20th of March i put the 4 pairs into an outside flight measuring 9 ft by 6 ft and hoped they would all stay in their pairs.They did. At the same time I had 2 pairs of Normals,1 pair of Fawns and 1 pair of Pieds in separate cages in my shed.

All the pairs inside and out were housed in my shed throughout the winter in an indoor flight and were fed the same
food and were treated exactly the same. Nest boxes and nesting material were given to pairs in the flight and pairs in
the shed on the same day and all the birds were being treated still exactly the same.

First round in the flight there was a total of 22 eggs, all were full, all hatched and all reared successfully. First round in the shed 13 eggs, 8 full, 6 hatched and 6 reared successfully. Of the second round 20 eggs were laid from the pairs in the flight, 20 were full, 20 hatched and 20 reared. Second round in the shed there was 15 eggs,12 were full,11 hatched and 11 reared. I decided to take a third round from the birds in the flight but not from the birds in the shed as i was running out of room.

Third round in the flight there were 18 eggs, once again all full, all hatched and all reared, making a total of 77 young for
the year from cages and flight. My breedings from the cages were I suppose average but it was my breeding from the 4
pairs in the flights that got me thinking, out of the 60 eggs laid all were full, all hatched and all reared.
Was this due to the fact they were outside in all weathers because that was the only difference between them and the
birds inside, or was I just lucky and had a “one off” season, I don’t really know. I’ll let you decide?

© Dave Pover 2006