I read constantly how strict breeders are on hygiene but how many actually do what they say?

To me hygiene is extremely important; before I even bought my first birds my father told me cleanliness of the shed and cages is more important than breeding itself and how true is this?

From that day forward I always made sure the shed and cages were clean! Even the surrounding area of the shed and outdoor flights, now I know all too well that you can go overboard with cleaning and the birds do need a little bit of dirt.

My routine is every day the outside of the shed is swepted up, the inside of the shed is hovered twice a day once in morning and once in the evening, the outside is hosed down once a week with jeyes fluid and the inside the shed is moped out 3 times a week with bleach.

All surfaces inside the shed are wiped daily with dettol in a spray bottle diluted in water, I find dettol good for the shed and I like the clean smell, I also spray the whole shed with the spray each evening and even the indoor flights and breeders it’s not harmful for the birds its diluted in water, I use sawdust in the flights to which I soak in dettol first and then add to the flight. The breeders have layered newspaper one piece is removed each day. Once a week the flights and cages are hovered out and changed and the whole cage is sprayed with dettol and wiped clean.

The same goes for feeding bowls, drinkers and all the utensils we use in the shed, I only clean my drinkers out once a week reason being not much bacteria is going to build up in a week, and to me it’s pointless constantly cleaning the drinkers you need a little bit of dirt in a shed otherwise the birds won’t have the immune system to fight off bacteria etc, feeding bowls are cleaning out weekly also. The only thing I clean daily is soft food dishes, these are cleaned and soaked in bleach diluted in water over night, the drinkers and feeding bowls are done the same.

The main cleaning products I use in the shed are effective and you don’t have to spend a fortune buying them these are Bleach, Dettol, and Johnsons Dust Mite Powder.

The condition the birds are kept in will have a dramatic impact on the condition of the bird health wise, it’s so much easier to keep them clean and healthy rather than having to worry about buying new stock to replace dead birds that have died from poor cleanliness, the cycle is endless.

So remember the cleanliness of the shed and cages is much more important than breeding!