Using your new JSSUK membership number and membership card to  order closed rings from A.C.Hughes the ring manufacturer couldnt be easier.

Please note that this JSSUK ring scheme is totally voluntary and you do not have to use these style rings for your Javas if you do not want to.

Choosing not to use the JSSUK rings will not impact on any area of the exhibition side of our hobby and no detriment will be shown if you use the normal type of closed rings.

As a society we are a long way off requiring all members using these types of society id rings for members who exhibit their birds.

The closed rings are purchased directly from A C Hughes and will have your unique JSSUK id number on them along with the year and ring no.

Prices are as follows: 10 rings = £4.36  50 rings = £ 20.69  100 rings =£39.20  P+P = £1.70

When ordering rings you must send your card which is proof of membership along with your cheque or postal order to A.C Hughes this will then be returned along with your JSSUK rings.

Please note the address for A C Hughes is as follows;  A.C.Hughes 1 High Street, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, TW12 1NA. Tel: 0208 9791366

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on this matter.  Yours truly,  Andy Dutton  Java Sparrow Society UK Membership Secretary