The Java Sparrows Society Members Show is the highlight of the showing calendar for us as a Society and each year we strive to bench more birds than previous years, this year 2010 numbers were slightly down on the previous years entry, 135 birds benched is still a lot of Java Sparrows though and we were pleased to see new people showing there birds  that had not previously shown at this show.

Myself (Andy Dutton) Dave Pover, Derek Mercer, Sharon Joy, and Tommy Sissons made the trip down to Stafford on the Saturday to help set up the Show prior to the birds arriving that evening and the following morning to be benched. I must say i was somewhat surprised at the amount of helpers that had arrived to set up the benches and judging stands, as I remember the first Bird Show of the Year there were only about 6 of us to set up the whole show, anyway as it was we arrived at about 1.45pm only to find that most of the work had already been done by others. I would like to thank one person in particular who works tirelessly on the showing front and that is Bob Clarke.

 Having decided where we were going to set up our Stand our 8 tables were arranged in the middle of the club stands area with the catching aviary forming part of the entrance


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And the board showing the various mutations directly behind it. Some 40 cages of Java Sparrows were offered for sale on the stand and this kept Derek Mercer very busy for most of the day.

 Our Judge for the day was Joe Charlesworth who had his work cut out as some very fine specimens graced the benches. Joe started Judging around 10am and it was not until 12.45 that he was ready to pick Best in Show which went Norman Chapmans fine current year bred Normal. Full result as follows.

Java Sparrow Society UK members show 2010
The members show held on the 10th October at The Bird Show of the Year at Stafford County Show ground saw 135 entries benched.
A very nice Normal benched by Norman Chapman from Horncastle was awarded Best Current Year Owner Bred Java and also went on to become Best in Show.

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The award for Best Adult Java went to a very well presented Pied benched by Tommy Sissons from Liverpool.
Best Juvenile Exhibit was awarded to Miss Luanna Elliott.
Other winners were,
Adult Normal              1. Sharon Joy.  2. Ken Jones.  3. Dave Pover
Adult Silver                1. Ken Jones. 2. Andy Dutton. 3. Andy Dutton.
Adult Fawn                 1. Geoffrey Fry.  2. Norman Chapman. 3. Ken Jones.
Adult White                1. Bill Warmington. 2. Norman Chapman.  3. Phil Thompson. 
Adult Cream               1. Andy Dutton. 2. Andy Dutton. 3. Norman Chapman.
Adult Pastel                1. Norman Chapman. 2. Andy Dutton.
Adult Opal Isabel       1.Andy Dutton.  2. Frank Carter 3. Norman Chapman.
Adult Agate                1. Dave Pover. 2. Dave Pover. 3. Norman Chapman.
Adult Pied.                 1. Tommy Sissons.  2. Frank Carter.
Adult A.O.C.              1. A.Dutton 2. Stuart Drury.
Adult Pairs                  1. Brent Jackson. 2. A.Dutton 3. Andy Dutton.

CYOB Normal            1. Norman Chapman. 2. Norman Chapman.
CYOB Silver              1. Andy Dutton.   2. Tommy Sissons. 3. Tommy Sissons.
CYOB Fawn               1. Norman Chapman. 2. Norman Chapman. 3. Phil Thompson.
CYOB White              1. Stuart Drury. 2. Norman Chapman. 3. Norman Chapman.
CYOB Pied                1. Norman Chapman.
CYOB Cream             1. Norman Chapman. 2. Norman Chapman. 3. Brent Jackson
CYOB Opal Isabel  1.Tommy Sissons 2. Norman Chapman 3. Tommy Sisson
CYOB Pairs              1. Norman Chapman 2. Andy Dutton 3.Phil Thompson

Best Normal       Norman Chapman
Best Silver          Ken Jones
Best Fawn          Norman Chapman
Best White          Bill Warmington
Best Pied           Tommy Sissons
Best Cream       Andy Dutton
Best Pastel          Norman Chapman
Best Cream       Andy Dutton
Best Agate         Dave Pover
Best Any Other Colour     Andy Dutton
Best Pair            Brent Jackson

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Norman Chapman Recieving his awards for Best in Show

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Tommy Sisson recieving his award for Best Pied

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                                                  Tommys Fine Pied A worthy Winner









Bill Warmington had his long trip up from Exeter in Devon rewarded with a win with his Best Adult White this bird also taking the award for Best White Overall

  tmpphpicjhkq1.jpg - 137.03 Kb

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Bills fine White a Worthy winner.
Everyone who took part or had a hand in organizing the show thoroughly enjoyed the day and I must thank all those who took part.
We sold 11 brand new Java Sparrow show cages during the day  so lets hope next years show is even bigger.
The Parrot Society must be commended for there efforts on bringing the show together and allowing clubs to participate and be given incentives to do so.

Compiled by Andy Dutton & Phil Thompson