javalogoFor some time now the Java Sparrow has seen an upsurge in popularity in the UK and so it was decided by a relatively small group of Java keepers in the UK to utilise the power of the internet and this was started in particular by the UK based website S N Aviaries.

The potential the internet provides has been thought of by a lot of people as immense and in this case the speed in which we have gone from a simple database to the verge of forming a new club in the UK is not really surprising.

The initial intention was to try to gauge the potential for the forming of a society dedicated solely for the Java Sparrow. This has quickly grown into the forming of the Society in earnest.

The first full year of the society was from January 2004 and this is no doubt where the real work begins. The Society caters for the Java Sparrow and all subjects to do with keeping this great finch. It is the idea to be part of the greater picture in UK aviculture and not just another Society standing on its own.

We will also be taking the Timor Sparrow under our wing (so to speak) and helping to provide more information on this close relative to the Java Sparrow.

It is hoped you enjoy your visit to this website and that you feel you want to join us and help raise the profile of the Java Sparrow to even higher levels in the UK than it is today.