To Put it in laymans terms a Patronage is when a CBS is granted a affiliation to a particular Society and the parent society supply's Rosettes for competion to its fully paid up members, the exception being a open show which is exactly what it says (open to both non-members and members alike).


The Patronages offered by the J.S.S.U.K. are a means by the Society to make other Birdkeepers aware of the Java Sparrow . They are wonderful little birds and by offering Patronages we are,hopefully, putting the birds in the spotlight.

Societies that do not have a Patronage to the Java Sparrow Society UK put their Javas in the Common seedeaters class. This does not do justice to the Java or in fact,any other bird. I personally find it hard to see how different species can be judged against each other .Hence the Patronage where all the Javas are in their own classes and judged against each other. Of course to make it work, Societies must apply for a Patronage and more importantly you the birdkeeper must get your birds on the Showbench. This does not just apply to Javas but to all birds.

From 2013 the Society will charge £5.00 for each patronage granted, this change is due to the spiraling costs of both postage and Rosettes.