Members Show National Birdshow of the Year

This is the only Show of the year with classes for all mutations.

Adult                         Description                           Current Year

1                                Normal                                     12

2                                Silver                                         13

3                                Fawn                                         14

4                                White                                         15

5                                Pied                                           16

6                                Cream                                       17

7                                Pastel                                        18

8                                Opal/Isabel                               19

9                                Agate                                          20

10                              Any Other Colour                      21

11                               Any Pair                                     22

23                               Any Junior Bird

All birds in the current year classes must be wearing the exhibitors closed ring  bearing the exhibitors number for the current year. Any bird not wearing the correct ring should be entered in Adult classes.

The following classifications are listed so that Societies who have recieved Patronage can copy this information into their Show Schedule. The information below is for all Patronage Shows.

The following Rosettes are awarded by the Java Sparrow Society for competition amongst it's fully paid up members. Entry forms should be marked accordingly with the membership number of the exhibitor. Subscriptions can be sent to the Secretary;

Mr.Andy Dutton.
4 Dafydd Close,
Bryn y Baal,
CH7 6RZ.

Subscriptions are as follows;  Adult Internet,£7.00  Joint Adult Internet £7.00      Junior Internet £3.50.

Adult  Postal   £8.50, Joint Adult Postal     £8.50    Junior Postal  £4.50

Overseas  £13.00





Adult                       Description                    Current Year

J1                             Normal                                 J8

J2                             Silver                                    J9

J3                             Fawn                                    J10

J4                             White                                   J11

J5                             Pied                                     J12

J6                             Any Other Colour               J13

J7                             Any Pair                               J14

J15                           Any Junior Bird




Adult                      Description                     Current Year


J1                            Normal                                J7

J2                            Silver                                   J8

J3                            Fawn                                   J9

J4                            White or Pied                    J10

J5                            Any Other Colour              J11

J6                            Any Pair                             J12

J13                          Any Junior Bird


Please note. Classification is the same for both these Patronages,but Gold Patronage has Rosettes for both Adult and Breeder classes. Silver Patronage is for Rosettes for Adult classes only.

Please note; Information above regarding closed rings and membership applies to these shows.


Bronze Patronage


Adult                           Description                      Current Year

J1                          Any Colour Java                         J2

J3                          Any Junior Bird


Rosettes awarded are shown on the other Patronage pages.