The Members show was held on sun 9th oct 2011 at the Stafford County Showground in conjunction with the National Bird Show of the Year. 125 birds were benched

A very nice Normal benched by Ken Jones of Gwynedd N Wales was awarded best Adult Java and went on to become Best in Show.

The award for best cyob java went to another very well presented Normal benched by Norman Chapman of Horncastle Lincs
Best Junior was awarded to Miss  Luana Elliot of Redditch Worcestshire.
Other winners were

Best Normal Ken Jones
Best Silver Frank Carter
Best Fawn Norman Chapman
Best White Bill Warmington
Best Pied Norman Chapman
Best Cream Norman Chapman
Best Pastel Phil Thompson
Best Opal Isabel Norman Chapman
Best Agate Norman Chapman
Best Any Other Colour Andy Dutton

Adult Normal 1. Ken Jones 2. Ken Jones 3. Bill Warmington
Adult Silver 1. Frank Carter 2. Ken Jones 3. Ken Jones
Adult Fawn 1. Norman Chapman 2. Norman Chapman 3. Phil Thompson
Adult White 1. Bill Warmington 2. Bill Warmington 3. Bill Warmington
Adult Cream 1. PhilThompson 2.  Norman Chapman 3. Andy Dutton
Adult Pastel 1. Phil Thompson
Adult Opal Isabel 1. Andy Dutton 2.  Norman Chapman 3. Norman Chapman
Adult Agate 1. Norman Chapman
Adult  Pied 1. Norman Chapman
Adult  AOC 1. Andy Dutton
Adult Pairs 1. Robert Birkwood 2. Norman Chapman 3. Sharon Joy

CYOB Normal 1. Norman Chapman 2. Norman Chapman 3.Frank Carter
CYOB Silver 1. Norman Chapman 2. Norman Chapman 3.Andy Dutton
CYOB Fawn 1. Norman Chapman 2. Andy Dutton 3. Andy Dutton
CYOB White 1. Norman Chapman 2.Robert Birkwod 3. Mike Keane
CYOB Cream 1 Norman Chapman 2. Norman Chapman. 3. Wayne Thomas
CYOB Pastel 1.Norman Chapman
CYOB Opal Isabel 1. Norman Chapman 2. Andy Dutton 3. Andy Dutton
CYOB Agate 1. Norman Chapman
CYOB Pairs 1.Norman Chapman 2. Andy Dutton 3. Andy Dutton

Judge for the day was Rick Crook from Scunthorpe.

Taunton CBS Open Show

Best in Show-Norman Chapman
Best Adult-Robert Birkwood
Best CYOB -Norman Chapman

Best Normal-Norman Chapman
Best Adult Normal-Robert Birkwood
Best CYOB Normal-Norman Chapman

Best Silver- Andy Dutton
Best Adult Silver-Andy Dutton
Best CYOB Silver-Norman Chapman

Best Fawn-Norman Chapman
Best Adult Fawn-Norman Chapman
Best CYOB Fawn-Andy Dutton

Best White-Robert Birkwood
Best Adult White-Robert Birkwood
Best CYOB White-Norman Chapman

Best Pied-Paul Burden
Best Adult Pied-Paul Burden
Best CYOB Pied-no entry

Best AOC-Andy Dutton
Best Adult AOC-Andy Dutton
Best CYOB AOC-Norman Chapman

Best Cream-Norman Chapman
Best Adult Cream-Norman Chapman
Best CYOB Cream-Norman Chapman

Best Opal Isabel-Andy Dutton
Best Adult Opal Isabel-Andy Dutton
Best CYOB Opal Iasabel-Andy Dutton

Best Agate-Norman Chapman
Best Adult Agate-Norman Chapman
Best CYOB Agate-Norman Chapman

Best Pastel-Norman Chapman
Best Adult Pastel-Norman Chapman
Best CYOB Pastel-Norman Chapman

Best Pair-Robert Birkwood
Best Adult Pair-Robert Birkwood
Best CYOB Pair-Andy Dutton

Unfortunately there were no Junior Exhibits